Our Mission

NCWBH has closed.

The Chelan, Douglas, and Grant county region has transitioned to Fully Integrated Managed Care. All previously available services are now covered by the Managed Care Organization selected by the enrollee starting January 1, 2018.  This presentation from Health Care Authority explains these changes. You can contact them at HCAintegratedMCquestions@hca.wa.gov with any additional questions, or visit the Healthier Washington Integration website.


Who do I contact ….


…with questions about Medicaid benefits?

All Medicaid enrollees have received information detailing the available plans from Amerigroup, Coordinated Care, and Molina. Questions regarding eligibility and available services will be answered by the Managed Care organization (health plan) chosen by the covered individual.

…for information on mental health and substance use disorder services?

Agencies previously contracted with NCWBH are now contracted to continue providing services with the managed care network. Click the link in the top menu for Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder services to see a list of providers. You may also request a referral for behavioral health services from your primary medical provider.

…for assistance in filing a Grievance about my services?

You may first file your Grievance directly with the agency providing the services. If you need assistance with this process, or do not feel comfortable discussing your concerns with the agency directly, you may contact the Ombuds. Visit this page for more information on Ombuds services.

…for an authorization for services?

Authorizations for services, as required, will be completed by the managed care organization covering the individual or Beacon Health if the individual is not covered by Medicaid. Check ProviderOne to identify who to call.

…regarding payments for services provided/received prior to 12/31/17?

Douglas County Chief Accountant remains on staff to complete financial transactions. Email Karen Goodwin.

…to request records?

All clinical charts are maintained by the agency who provided the service in accordance with federal and state law. You may request your records directly from your provider.

All NCWBH operations records have been archived as required. If you believe there are pertinent records held by NCWBH, you may contact:

Washington State Archives
Central Regional Branch
400 East University Way, MS 7547
Ellensburg, WA  98926-7547
P: 509-963-2136
F: 509-963-1753

Records regarding personnel or finances, and all other records open to public disclosure, are maintained by Douglas County. Information on records requests from Douglas County can be found on their website.