Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meetings: 4th Monday of each month, 9:00am
(call to verify dates as meetings are rescheduled to accommodate holidays and other conflicts)
Location: NCWBH, 300 S Columbia St, 3rd Floor, Wenatchee, WA  98801
* participation by teleconference may be available, contact NCWBH for more information 

What is Advisory Board?

NCWBH Advisory Board is a voluntary community membership group that advises NCWBH on its operations. The Board promotes active engagement with individuals with behavioral health disorders, their families, and allied community partners to provide input on service delivery. Advisory Board members review NCWBH performance outcomes and other service data to analyze trends, identify gaps, and recommend improvements. Board Members may also be asked to provide feedback on implementation of changes to State and Federal Laws and review plans or policies. Responsibilities of Advisory Board include:

  • Identifying areas of growth and improvement through data collection, analysis, and monitoring
  • Reviewing information provided by NCWBH and providing feedback
  • Reviewing information provided by Quality Review Team and providing feedback
  • Presenting recommendations to the Governing Board for approval

Who are Advisory Board Members?

Membership is expected to broadly represent the demographic character of the service area, with at least 51% representation of board members identifying as past or present consumers, or family/supports of past or present consumers, of behavioral health services. If available, membership also includes law enforcement and tribal representation. An Advisory Board Chair facilitates meetings and reports activities and recommendations to NCWBH Governing Board.

NCWBH Advisory Board Chair is currently Curt Lutz of Chelan County Jail,

How do I join the Advisory Board?

NCWBH welcomes public interest and feedback in its network and service delivery system. We are currently recruiting individuals who identify as past or present consumers of behavioral health services, or family/supports of past or present consumers, from diverse backgrounds. Complete the membership application and send it to:

NCWBH: Advisory Board
300 S Columbia St.
3rd Floor
Wenatchee, WA  98801

Advisory Board meetings may be attended by interested members of the public. If confidential information is to be shared, public attendees may be asked to leave the meeting.