NCW Regional FYSPRT Strategic Plan





The NCW Regional FYSPRT is an essential part of the Governance structure of the Washington State Systems of Core Projects.  The NCW FYSPRT are committed to the success of youth and families through the meaningfully engagement of families and youth, and other partners in an equitable forum.  The forum will work to identify local needs, review local/regional data, problem solve and address issues at the local and regional level.  Towards the goal of improving outcomes for youth, the Regional FYSPRT’s brings unresolved needs forward to the Statewide FYSPRT with recommendations about how to meet those needs.



The mission of the North Central Washington Regional System Partner Roundtable is to bring all essential parties together to contribute to the continuous improvement of Children’s behavioral health, service and supports.

NCW FYSPRT strives to provide an equitable forum for families, youth, systems, and communities to strengthen resources that effectively address the individualized behavioral health needs of children, youth and families.

NCW FYSPRT’s goal is to collect, review, and /or interpret relevant data, evaluation results and improvement of strategies for the CARE System through the Statewide FYSPRT. To Serve as a conduit to bring voices from our communities into one regional entity.




GOAL:  To build a FYSPRT Roundtable that addresses the needs of the three counties and supports positive changes within their systems of care:

  • Strategy: Bring together a Board that is culturally appropriate and committed to create a system that works for youth and families
    • Action Plan:
      • Invite Culturally appropriate community members,
      • Send invitations , 3 times a year
      • Make a Presence in the Community by attending activities in the Community
      • Address the Interfaith dialog
      • Send out a newsletter to Community leaders
  • Strategy: Involve youth and families into NCW Regional FYSPRT that are committed to change and implementation
    • Action Plan
      • Form a committee to promote and maintain Parent Evening
      • Seek out parents to run Parent Evening
      • Train parents and youth on how to find and use resources
      • Train parents on how to be advocates
      • Train members on what System of Care is and what it can be
    • Strategy: Be part of the Solution for Systems of Care
      • Action Plan
        • Seek out Community Members for support to donate time and effort to the System of Care by providing jobs and mentoring to youth, using the help of Stakeholders to start.
        • Create a Standing Committee to create or be a part of a Challenge to community members to destigmatize and accept children mental health.



GOAL:  To help support the creation of a System of Care that addresses the needs of youth and their families

  • Strategy: To be a fundamental part of Change that addresses the needs in the NCW FYSPRT area
  • Action Plan for Youth and Families:
    • Engage in learning about the current systems of care that affects youth involved in the Medicaid system through training and dialogue
    • Leaving pamphlets or System of Care information in public places and gatherings
    • Families and youth to make a request to all Principals, Assistant Principal and School Counselors to be given training on how to work with youth to help them identify and respond in an appropriate manner when you need support.
    • Having youth and families look outside the current system of care to see what new innovations can be used to address and support families



GOAL:   To instill the 10 Behavioral Health principles of WA State

  • Strategy: To create a healthier environment for our area in conjunction with the State of Washington
  • Action Plan:
    • Create a curriculum to support families entering into the System of Care
    • Be proactive in supporting the culture of WA State Behavioral Health principles by Looking at ideas, putting plans into Action to educate the public on these principles.
    • Supporting health centers hubs in School.


 GOAL:    Acceptance of Children Mental Health Needs


  • Strategy: Help support the creation of a NCW youth Program

Help build acceptance of Children mental health

  • Action Plan:
    • Support positive educational activities through attendance
    • Support the creation of a NCW kids day by obtaining public support
    • Bringing in Youth to train the youth in our BHO area
    • Supporting the programs they want to start
    • Encouraging Schools to have alternative programs in addition to Sports.
    • Support creation of additional community activities
    • Be an Advisory Board to give support to them
    • Supporting mentorship; jobs skills training; jobs; and volunteer opportunity for youth



GOAL:  Creating Local FYSPRTS

  • Strategy: When the time is appropriate, help create local FYSPRTs to address areas that want to create their own meeting to focus on their own concerns
  • Future Action Plan:
    • Local FYSPRTs will be addressed in areas where there is population support
    • The local FYSPRTS will be offered the same training program, as the Regional FYSPRT has received
    • Technical Assistance will be offered
    • Efforts will be made to use Teleconferencing in outlying areas.


GOAL:  Creating a Viable and open FYSPRT for members and non-members

  • Strategy: To ensure clear and concise communication within the FYSPRT
  • Action Plan:
    • Communication will flow between all levels of the governance structure.  Regional FYSPRT Tri Leads will bring information from the Statewide FYSPRT to Regional Meetings for Information sharing and concerns in their communities.
    • When problem solving around an item or situation is needed, Regional members will first contact their Regional Tri Leads for discussion and brainstorming.
    • If needed and appropriate, the item or situation will be added to the next Regional FYSPRT agenda for discussion with the group.
    • If the item or situation in not resolved by the NCW Regional FYSPRT group, the Regional Tri Leads would take the concern to the Statewide FYSPRT Tri Chairs for discussion and possible addition to the Statewide FYSPRT agenda.


GOAL:  Open Forums with Community Members and Leaders

  • Strategy: To inform the public and community members about mental health
  • Action Plan
    • Create a plan to support and address Community leaders about mental health issues in the community, such as jobs, stigma
    • Have Tri –Leads attend Community Collaborative Boards
    • Have Members and interested parties attend events having to do with Community awareness and involvement of Children Mental Health


GOAL:  Self Supporting

  • Strategy: To sustain youth and families for the future.
  • Action Item
  • Support Youth fundraising events, such as:
    • 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser
    • Adult Spelling Bee
  • Creating a Committee to Consider a 501 C3 for the youth projects and fundraising events