Grievance System

What is a Grievance?
A grievance is a way to express your concerns and improve quality for everyone. We want you to be satisfied with your services. The formal definition of a grievance is “any expression of dissatisfaction about any matter other than an Action.” A grievance can address a wide range of concerns about respect, access, quality, rights, etc. Possible subjects would be rudeness, failure to return calls, or quality of services. (An “Action” is a denial, reduction, termination, or suspension of authorized services. When an Action occurs you will receive a Notice of Action which outlines the steps you may take to file an appeal if you are dissatisfied)

How do I file a Grievance?
You may file your grievance either verbally or in writing with your provider or with NCWBH. You may have anyone you authorize in writing represent you. You may also request assistance with your grievance from the Ombuds Office (1-844-636-2038). You will be given adequate time to prepare your case and access to documents that you may request. You may also authorize additional support persons to be involved in your grievance at any time.

What happens once a Grievance has been filed?
You will receive acknowledgment of your grievance within 5 business days. Your grievance must be handled by someone not previously involved and professionally qualified to review the matter. Your grievance must be addressed as quickly as your condition requires but never longer than 90 days. At the conclusion of the grievance review you will receive a notice outlining the resolution. If your grievance was resolved on the same day you filed it you will receive the resolution letter in person or within 5 days by mail.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome?
If you filed your grievance with your provider you may request NCWBH review your grievance. If you filed your grievance with NCWBH, you may request a Fair (Administrative) Hearing from the Washington Department of Health Office of Administrative Hearings (1-800-583-8271).

Contact NCWBH regarding Grievances:
Clinical Director or Quality Manager
509-886-6318 or 1-877-563-3678
300 S Columbia St, 3rd Floor
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Printable Grievance Flyer